Chilli tuna with buckwheat pasta – gluten free

We are having chilli tuna pasta tonight for dinner, using one of our favourite pastas – buckwheat (recipe is bottom of page).

Buckwheat pasta has a slightly nutty taste and has a great texture – doesn’t go soggy when cooked.

I love it that we now have access to some really interesting non-wheat pastas – including ones made from lentils, mixed pulses and of course buckwheat. This is great for me as I have coeliac disease and until recently gluten free meant rice and corn based pastas.

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Coconut and lime macadamia cake (dairy and gluten free)

This is a great cake, it’s light and fluffy like a sponge, not too sweet and its one our family favourites.

The recipe is adapted from “Bills Open Kitchen” cookbook by Bill Granger (Murdoch Books). I replaced the wheat-based self-raising flour with gluten-free self-raising flour and it worked out really well.

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