A desert but full of life.

We love road trips and Australia is a pretty big country with lots to see and really long distances between towns, so it’s a good thing we like driving. I posted earlier about about our road trip to Lake Mungo and thought it worth posting a selection of some of the photographic highlights of our trip.

Have a look at my Lake Mungo post for more information about locations and some history for the area. While we were there was a bushfire burning for days and the smoke haze created the most specular sunsets and sunrises. The sky is a clear blue and within the Mungo National Park the remnants of deserted houses and in the photograph above an old outhouse toilet and chimney. Lots of wildlife including all types of birds, kangaroos, emus and gorgeous lizards everywhere. It’s a harsh climate but the animals are adapted to the desert conditions and very low rainfall.

We are so excited about another road-trip we have planned for end-May which will take us out west through our state of New South Wales into South Australia and north into the Red Centre. Stops along the way with include Uluru (Ayres Rock). More about this trip later. Looks like the journey will total around 12,000 kms in total and away for 2 months. Should be incredible.

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