Lets eat the rainbow! Starting with Purple.

I bought some gorgeous purple carrots at the fruit market today and got to thinking about all the different types of purple fruits and vegetables that are available.

We are told to include all different coloured fruit and vegetables in our diet, all colours are equal however I love the colour purple and try to include purple fruits and vegetables in my daily diet.

So what’s in purple fruits and vegetables? Why are they good for us? All fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals, including the purple ones.

The colour purple indicates that a particular fruit or vegetable is high in antioxidants, including anthocyanins which gives them their purple colour (includes red and blue as well). 

Anthocyanins are a powerful antioxidant that support our well-being and help the body eliminate toxins.

Strawberries have anthocyanins. This rather large specimen next to my sunglasses was in Puglia, Italy. It was very tasty.

Purple carrots taste a little different to the orange ones you may be used to. I used them in a soup once and not only did the soup turn purple but the final product was not that great.

I bake them in the oven, first give them a good scrub or lightly peel (top and tail them as well) depending on their size and if larger cut in half from top to bottom. Season with some salt and pepper and a little olive oil and bake in moderate (350 F or 190 C) oven for around 20 minutes or until cooked (test with a fork). Serve the purple carrots with some roasted capsicum, steamed broccolini and some orange sweet potato and you have yourself a lovely rainbow for dinner.

Strawberries with a splash of balsamic vinegar and some almond biscotti, very delicious.

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